Harwood – Albuquerque, NM

“How Far From Home Are We? A Radio Journey” makes its debut in the United States as a solo installation in the Main Gallery at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico during the month of April 2011. This participatory multi-sensory installation included the elements produced during our journey while simultaneously including new ideas and suggestive props reminiscent of experiences on the journey. The exhibition was collaboratively designed through email exchanges and installed by Claire Coté.  A parallel workshop, “Sounds Surround” and two broadcasts of the “Radio Journey” are also taking place during the month of April. Read an article about the show in the “Taos News” here.

Enjoy a visual tour of the gallery below. While you look, bear in mind the following: the collaborative drawing contraption makes an intriguing rhythmic squeaking noise as it is turned; the contents of the “smelling jars” ranges from pine needles, to honey comb, to bison poo to chocolate; the sensation of drawing on glass is wonderful.

(Click on thumbnails for full size view. To view the next or previous image click on the titles or arrows at the bottom of the full size image page.)

***Many thanks to “Networking Artists Networks”(NAN) for the bursary that helped to make this collaborative journey possible; to Chris Coté for his indispensable and superior carpentry skills and fantastic overall support which made this installation possible; to Aimee Deans for “above and beyond” installation assistance and to the many people too numerous to name here for their support of this collaborative project and this exhibition.

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