It is spring. Claire Coté, Rebecca Beinart and Anna and Mark Keleher are traveling together in a small van from Totnes England to Helsinki Finland via the Baltic States and back through Scandinavia. This intentional collaboration and improvised cultural adventure unfolds along road networks, ferry lines, pathways and a string of campsites, tea stops, archeological sites and Nature Preserves. The journey takes the travelers across 16 borders and over 5,700 kilometers – all in seventeen days.

This project is the collaborative outcome of this voyage: an “illustrated radio journey”. On-site recordings, ambient sounds, creative reflection and narration are woven together to give listeners audible hints of the experiences of a journey by land and sea. Collaborative pen and ink drawings created over bumpy roads and by the light of headlamps offer illustrated glimpses. And whittled tally-sticks provide a sculptural “account” of the expedition.

A related series of workshops has also been developed from this project.

The collaborators behind this project are from far flung places: Claire Coté, is a native to Northern New Mexico, Rebecca Beinart is a Nottingham (England) based artist and Anna Keleher is a Westcountry (England) Arts and Ecology practitioner. Anna Keleher and Claire Coté have been collaborating since October, 2007. For full bios visit the collaborators page.

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